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 Fire Lord Azula

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Fire Lord Azula

Fire Lord Azula

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Caldera City
Fire Lord of the Fire Nation // Crown Prince of the Phoenix Empire

Personality: Cunning, ruthless, and morally bankrupt. Azula is a tyrant in true form. A perfectionist with a methodically maniacal determination about her, Azula has a never ending thirst for power. Such has been her devotion to this perfection of her powers that even her bending has evolved beyond the limits of what should have been possible.

A true believer in her own divine right to rule and a heartless pursuer of ever greater power and authority, she's systematically turned the Fire Nation into her personal play thing, regularly defying her father, Phoenix King Ozai and launching campaigns to quash what she deemed to be rebellion. In truth, most of the targets she's destroyed in her time on the throne were long pacified by Ozai and presented only a very slight risk to either the Fire Nation or the Empire. However, as she has become more bloodthirsty and rabid over the years, he desire to sow conflict for her personal enjoyment has grown.

Of course, he violent appetites do not end in battle. She's also rumored to enjoy having her way with countless men before torturing them to death all in the effort to improve her skills to inflict pain and is so feared in her own court that no one dares any longer to offer their opinion, even when she commands them to do so. Most consider execution as a traitor, her response to such refusals, to be preferable to her many and varied punishments for those who speak out against her. The few who chose to speak up lived to regret it... thoroughly.

Firebender: Master
By the time she was in her teens, Azula was well known for her blue fire. Nowadays, her skills have evolved to the point that her flame burns so hot it is invisible to the naked eye. Only a firebender could detect it in time to react. Yet her horrifying skills go further than that. She's trained herself to be able to produce massive explosions from thin air, summon lightning in great volumes, and has even discovered the secret to channeling the power of the sun into a weapon. Feared for her skill even by Ozai, she is the Phoenix Empire's greatest deterrent against uprising and rebellion.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black

An undeniable beauty of the Fire Nation, her appearance is truly as enchanting as her personality is horrifying. She is a vision of Fire Nation breeding with her golden eyes, pale skin, and raven hair. While in her teens she tended toward militaristic clothing to advertise her strength and power, she's since taken to wearing more feminine, queenly clothing. She enjoys lulling people with this appearance into a sense that she is not as lethal as she actually is, but those who are closest to the throne are not fooled by this new fashion of hers. She has always been and always with be the tyrant she once was.

History: The second child of then-Fire Lord, now-Phoenix King Ozai and his wife, Ursa, Azula is the younger sister of Zuko and the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, Empress of the Central and Fire Isles, and Crown Princess of the Phoenix Empire. Born into a secondary royal family, she spent her early childhood scheming to elevate her father over her uncle, Iroh, the then-Crown Prince. She got her wish when Iroh's son, Lu Ten was killed during the campaign against Ba Sing Se. Shortly thereafter, Fire Lord Azulon, grandfather to Azula and father to Iroh and Ozai, died under mysterious circumstances. Per his dying wish, Ozai was made Fire Lord in Iroh's stead and Azula became one of two direct heirs to the throne.

In her mid teens, Azula participated in her father's final campaign against the rest of the world, the final stages of Fire Lord Sozin's dream of world empire. She was integral to victory over the allied forces challenging the Fire Nation in the conflict. She spent months tracking down and repeatedly engaging the Avatar, Aang, but with limited success. She even managed to kill him once, only to have that achievement robbed from her by the healing powers of the Avatar's friend and comrade, Katara. Eventually, the decisive battles come to pass and together with her father, Azula was able to defeat the Avatar. She was even awarded the honor of executing him before the crowds several months later in New Ozai, what was formerly Omashu. The event served the dual purpose of declaring victory and announcing that she was now the Crown Princess of the then-newly formed Phoenix Empire. She was also formally declared to be the Lord Governor and Fire Lord of the Fire Nation.

Since that time, Azula has led many military campaigns, each more bloody than the last. Ozai took a back seat in the military affairs of the Empire after his victory over the Avatar, focusing his attention instead on the political affairs now plaguing the fledgling empire. Azula was left to her own devices. Over time, she grew to have greater military authority than Ozai and even inflicted herself upon the Imperial Court at will, blatantly defying her father's orders regularly. This is a fact which has been largely hidden by Ozai's tendency to not make any public declarations of his orders to her, instead making them in private. Despite her defiance, however, he has taken little or no long term actions against her. For the moment, they need each other to maintain the empire. But above all her pointless bloodletting, her goal is one shared by Ozai -- find the new Avatar and kill them. In fact, the prime target of every wanted list in the world circulated by the empire is now the Avatar and Azula herself regularly launches campaigns to find and destroy them. Knowing that the Avatar must be in the Water Tribes, she has recently been pushing heavily in the Imperial Court to get Ozai to allow her to launch a full-scale war against the Northern Water Tribe...
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Fire Lord Azula
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