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 Suzaku Banme [INC]

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Character Sheet
Age: 16
Nation: Fire Nation
Loyalty: The Fire Lord

Suzaku Banme [INC] Empty
PostSubject: Suzaku Banme [INC]   Suzaku Banme [INC] EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 4:23 pm

Full Name: Suzaku Banme. "Soo-ZAH-koo BAHN-meh/may".
Nickname: Po.
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Element: Suzaku's Fire.
Birthplace:Shu Jing ||House of Suzaku.
Position: Prominent member of the Imperial Arms.

"It's time we tip the odds in our favor."
"Wake up stupid!"
"Do the rebels determine whether we can or cannot pass? Hm?? No? Thats what I thought."
"I do not like repitition but I see I'll have to reiterate to make myself clear. The Firelord has authorized our command over this fleet. You can either move aside or -holds out hand with a dangerously crackling flame. Smiles- I knew you'd see it my way."
"I always get results."
"Yen-Ming, if I didn't know any better I'd swear you were questioning my authority."
"Yaozu would you WATCH OUT?!
"Lan-Chi, I care about you because...you're my bestfriend. Never forget that.
".......You're an idiot.
"Need I remind you who we work for? The Firelord. The Phoenix King has no jurisdiction over Fire Nation campaigns. So step aside...and no one gets hurt.
".....Say that again? Look my brother in the eye, and Say. That. Again. -hands burst to life with crackling purple flames-"

Logical. Intuitive. Easy-Going. Quick-Tempered. Assertive. Proactive. Catty. Team-Player. Industrious......[Borderline Workaholic]. Conversational. Socialite. Meticulous. Hard As Nails.

When Banme was a child, 1st Mother often remarked that she was too grown for her own good. Even then, Banme was attentive enough to see past people's intentions, and her father worked on that until Banme was skilled enough to pinpoint falsehood and pretenses. She's known for her bluntness, meticulous appearance, and her practical outlook on life. Banme rarely ever says nothing she doesn't mean, and is a woman of action instead of words. Unlike her mother, whom was very mild-mannered and delicate, missy is very much like her father in manner of her temper and proactivity. She's a young woman of action, yes, but does not put anything into motion unless she's thought very deeply on it. Banme does *not* skip over details and tends to scrutinize everything of utmost importance until satisfied. She analyzes, assesses, gains, and executes.

Surprisingly, Banme's only a blazing dragon when at work. Nothing comes short of order and expectation, and she tries her hardest to give her level best. TBC!!

Firebending • Expert • | Banme's firebending style dates back to a form derived from the originally traditional discipline of the art. The style is used exclusively by three other clans [Bao, Inazuma, and Yun] nestled in the aristocratic class of the Fire Nation. The style, Suzaku No Bakudan, centers on graceful, rapid motion punctuated with powerfully chaotic blasts. It is a firm mixture of the Air Nomad's cyclonic tactics and the Sun Warriors' brunt power. These are the entire characteristics of Banme's bending. As with her namesake, she possesses fire of a brilliant and deep purple hue. Her treacherous flames crackle and spark, with precise projection that expands in perilous explosion upon contact. By birthright, Banme's been drilled in her clan's ancient, draconic art since she was four years old. Fittingly, as she is the only member in the Inner house aside from her own father, Azusa-danna, to have inherited Suzaku's Fire.

Critical Perception

Chakram Mastery •Master• | Along with the Suzaku no Bakudan style, Banme has taken up Chakram weaponry from the age of ten. The chakrams are large, circular and embedded with grooves allowing for them to catch fire. She usually uses them as a swordsman would use a blade. However they also double as hazardous boomerangs should she throw one for a precise target. Aside from turning them into flaming blades of doom, Banme loves to spin with them to create an explosive blade typhoon of explodeyness.

Character Appearance:
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Character History:
House: Suzaku
Line: Second
Status: Only
Inheritance: Suzaku's Fire || Gift of Banme
Father: Suzaku Azusa
Mother: Suzaku [Yun] Michiru [2nd Wife of Azusa/Deceased]
1st Mother: Suzaku [Inazuma] Yomiko [1st Wife]
Brother: Suzaku Kin [1st Line]
Sister: Suzaku Akemi [1st Line]
Sister: Suzaku Tsukiko [1st Line]
Brother: Suzaku Naota [1st Line|Youngest]
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Suzaku Banme [INC]
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