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 Satoshi Nagakura

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Full Name:
Nagakura Satoshi (Surname: Nagakura // Given Name: Satoshi)
The Governor's Palace // Southern Water Tribe
Son of the Imperial Governor of the Southern Water Tribe
Personality: Satoshi is a clever young man and one with a strong sense of moral responsibility to his countrymen and the world. He believes it is the responsibility of everyone to seek out and destroy corruption and tyranny wherever... whoever it is. He believes in what his nation could be, what it was meant to be, but he doesn't believe in Fire Lord Azula or Phoenix King Ozai. He's an obsessive reader with a love of all literature, an art scholar, and a student of culture everywhere.

While he isn't much of a fighter yet, Satoshi's smart and knowledgeable. He has an ordered mind well suited to politics and mysteries and isn't easily fooled. He enjoys games of Pai Sho, but he doesn't often get to play because his brothers and father are terrible at it and not many Pai Sho players travel to the south. He does play against himself on occasion, though.

Firebender: Novice
Satoshi is a talented young man, but he's not been given many opportunities to make full use of his talents. His father kept him from studying firebending for reasons that have always been something of a mystery to Satoshi and with all the eyes constantly fixed on him, he's not had the opportunity to study in secret. He's very much a prisoner in his own home, his only skill that which he was able to glean from his brothers' bouts, to which he was often invited... mostly just as a sick form of passive torture.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black

A relatively handsome young man, Satoshi is a Fire Nation citizen in truest form -- yellow eyes, black hair, pale skin. He proudly wears the reds, blacks, and yellows of the Fire Nation out of respect for the justice and nobility the nation once inhabited, out of hope that it will return, and out of defiance against Azula and Ozai for both of those reasons.

Satoshi's body isn't the strongest and isn't the weakest. He's toned for what he is, but he doesn't give much care for his physique outside of bathing and keeping himself healthy. He used to wear a topknot when he still lived in the House of Nagakura, but he cut it after he left with the Avatar and now keeps his hair short and as tidy as possible. As long as it's not in his eyes too much, he doesn't care.
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History: Born the son of the Imperial Governor to the Southern Water Tribe and his second wife, a woman known only as Kaori, Satoshi is the third of three children of the Nagakura House, all boys. From an early age, Satoshi was isolated from his siblings. They wanted nothing to do with their half brother. They teased him often and enjoyed tormenting him. As they grew older, their torments became more and more lethal. It was a constant threat that he quickly learned how to manage.

Satoshi spent many years in books, his isolation giving him the perfect opportunity. He learned about everything from the ancient classics to theories in engineering that were decades from being realized. He became a scholar in true form. By the time he was twelve, he was one of the most knowledgeable individuals in his father's court, though he wasn't fool enough to flaunt it. His family respected one thing -- power. And only the martial form of it. Anyone who wasn't going to conform to that wasn't worth their time. Yet before this status of scholar was achieved by him, he suffered a great loss indeed...

All his life, his mother taught him of visionary hopes for the future. She taught him how the world was changing and the Fire Lords and Phoenix Kings were on the fall, soon to be no more. It was a set of teachings that set his father against her. Branding her a traitor, he had his men hunt her down and kill her. Though she tried to escape with Satoshi, she was captured and Satoshi detained. His last memory of her is the sound of her voice as she called out his name while they dragged her away... He was eight years old.

After his mother was taken from him, Satoshi collapsed into a deep depression. He cried for weeks. He just sat there, his face in his pillows every day, tears streaming until is face was raw from the tears. In the end, he swore that he would find a way to pay his father back for it all and he swore to himself that he would never again cry. He wasn't going to let them see his anguish. Now he just waits for an opportunity to exact his revenge...
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Satoshi Nagakura
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