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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:23 am

Not using this template will result in immediate rejection.
[[ For important roles: contact a staff member - more information (especially on history) will be required. ]]

Full Name:Your character's name and last name. Must be the same as your forum name. Stick to Asian/Native American names, please. No Jacks, Cream Puffs, Helioses,Zaeryoth Aryonbanes Johns or Richards etc.
Gender: Male or Female?
Age: How old your character is.
Element: Fire, Air, Water, Earth - Non-benders choose a weapon, or nothing.
Birthplace: Where was your character born?
Position: What position does your character have? (for special positions contact moderator+)

Personality: (at least 40 words) How does your character act? What does (s)he like and dislike?

Abilities: (at least 40 words) What is your character good at? Please don't over power yourself. Are you a bender, warrior or civilian. You don't have to be someone who fights, you can simply be a cook in a restaurant in some village or city.

Height: Exact measurement please, in feet and/or centimeters. (I.E. 5'11" // 152.4 cm) cm-f Converter // f-cm Converter
Weight: Either in exact measurements or general description. (I.E. Skinny, fat, muscular, etc.)
Eyes: What color are the character's eyes?
Hair: What color is the character's hair?

Give a general description of the character here, at least 60 words long. Describe their hair style, body shape and condition, distinguishing marks or characteristics, and their clothing. Please be as detailed as you can. You may provide an image IN ADDITION to the description.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Outside of clothing, what kinds of gear does the character carry around with them? This can be a sword, spear, armor, whatever. Please use the code below to add more items. Please take care to make sure it's a range of items that someone with the character in question's conditioning could handle. (I.E. A five year old probably wouldn't be carrying around a dozen swords and wearing a suit of armor everywhere.) This does not need to be done on every last item. Just the things that somehow effect the character's abilities.

[i][b]Item Name[/b][/i]
[i]Materials[/i]: What is it made out of?
[i]Description[/i]: Please describe its various qualities and abilities.

History: (at least 120 words) How did your character's childhood go? How did (s)he act towards his/her parents? If you are a bender or warrior, who taught you, and describe how your training went. What made your character into the person (s)he is today?

Sample RP: Members who already have an approved character do not need to write a sample RP. Please put the names of your other profiles in this field instead.

Here's the code, copy and paste it:

[b]Full Name:[/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] (40)

[b]Abilities:[/b] (40)



[b]Weaponry & Other Gear:[/b] (Omit this field if no such items)

[b]History:[/b] (120)

[b]Sample RP:[/b] Members who already have an approved character do not need to write a sample RP. Please put the names of your other profiles in this field instead.
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Character Template
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